My name is Patrycja Łagosz & I’m 24 year old Polish girl. Since 2011 I have been studying building structure and living in Gdańsk. Almost year ago I’ve chosen bridges as a specialization. I love fashion 
I cant stop shopping. My wardrobe contains over several hundred clothes. What is more I’m in love with traveling around the world. I wish I visited all the countries before my death. I try to go abroad really often, sometimes it happens every month. During these two last years I have been in the best relationship ever. Except clothes, traveling I love singing and of course as everyone music. In the past I had private lessons twice a week and I’m having quite big experience of doing this. When I was a little girl I used to sing everywhere & all the time. I wanted to became a popular singer.. I still want to but I’m REALLY shy person when it is going on doing anything in public : (. Talking about sport I love snowboarding ! and volleyball. I’m a big fan of Real Madrid – because of Cristiano Ronaldo.

I’ve always wanted to have a blog and to post my outfits, inspirations, things from my life and so on – that’s why I finally did it. I had a few blogs in the past but I removed all of them and I start to blog from the beggining here. You will find my daily outfits, trips, beauty- and lifestyle posts in here.

Hope You all like it, cheers!

“kiedyś obiecała sobie, że jeśli w wieku 25 lat nie będzie sławna, to zajmie się szukaniem męża.”

nieogarnięta nastolatka z ostrymi przeżyciami i mocnymi planami na przyszłość ♥

..i na dzień dzisiejszy moim marzeniem jest zdobycie sławy, zrobienie kariery i wymarzony dom z basenem w Kalifornii

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